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[ ] if you cut your studies by a certain class of cadets. You will be thought very little of by those whose opinion will make the [ ? } of your class. We view that [?] high in a class at West Point as the ones who are looked [cross out] up [cross out] to by the office [ ]and the other cadets. I hope you will make two rules. One to never go to the [section? ] room without knowing your lesson and the other never to " ruin it" or drink anything intoxicating while a cadet. Do this and you will come out in one of the [?] [?] where you will have only [Eruduates?} and Gentlemen to [?] with. but if you come out in the others [?] of service you will be thrown with a pretty hand [?] of man of distant ports where you will have no other accounts. Emma joins me in love. New opportunituies with [ ? ] Lincoln