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all, Polands, the whole tribe. We staid to tea and walked back to the hotel a short time after. Coming across Friday morning in the steamer from Newport, it was pretty rough and quite hard to keep your seat, much more so your legs when you tried to stand up. I rather liked it. Yesterday afternoon Mr. Carpenter, a brotherinlaw of Aunt Sophie's and I went for a walk along the shore toward Indian Rock. It was a splendid day. They have a bowling alley here & I have tried it several times, but haven't as yet made any remarkable scores. Yes I have too for they

were remarkable for being small. The last one I made which was the largest was 93. It seems to be the hardest thing to get acquainted with anyone here. I as yet only know two young ladies, but hope times will improve pretty soon. I got mother's letter yesterday with the card enclosed. I will write to Mrs. Merrill + thank her for getting the shirt. There was a hop last night at the Continental Hotel, but I didn't go in. I [looked?] in for a short time. They seem to wear a dark cutaway coat, although there were a few light coats