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they have [tricked?] Skinner's Approximate Computations onto us -'81 didn't have it - It is pretty[ blind?] stuff in some parts, but I believe we are not to have an examination in it, which is a comforting thought to think of - During Freshman year here, you get a pretty good sized dose of mathematics - Analytics, plane & spherical Trig. Mechanics, and Approximate Computations & [??] Geom. besides a big book on Physics. Yesterday afternoon I walked out to Hamilton Park with Whiteman, a fellow in the 2nd division, to see a game of ball between our nine and that of Amhers - The game was played quite loosely with the exception of a few parts. There was quite a little crowd there but it was nothing compared with that of the Harvard game. The game resulted in victory for us, the score being 14 to 3 - Lamb and Watson, pitcher and catcher, didn't play in those positions as they wanted to save their energies for the Princeton game here Wednesday. Smith, a freshman caught, and made two runs - He must have felt pretty large. I don't know what to make of that bicycle man. Ely’s bicycle was promised a week ago Saturday positively and it hasn't made its appearance yet - Yesterday was a funny day for June - quite chilly and damp. I guess it will be hot and cold by installments all through the summer. I received the papers all right and an much obliged. The other day a letter